Abstract about myself

I'm Dennis Keller, born in Bad Oeynhausen, Germany and I'm currently 28 years old. My lifelong dream has been to become an engineer, more specifically in aerospace. It all started with a book I read at about 12 years old: Our Universe by Roy A. Gallant - which is still an amazing read - features mindblowing illiustrations, data and perspectives into our solar system and the void around it. The insignificance of our being and the big unknown outside of our world has captivated me ever since. The lengths we have gone to explore unknown worlds and to solve - seemingly - unsolvable problems to do so fascinates me. I thought: "I want to be part of this!"

Next to my fascination for all things space, I'm a tech geek. I love learning about the mechanical workings of basically everything. A great example of how even the simplest looking things in our everyday life are the works of geniuses is beautifully captured in this video. I used my computer time wisely during childhood - having access to internet search and being motivated to teach things myself I acquired an immense skillset that I am benefitting from to this day.

Here's a few terms I would use to describe myself, that might help to get a better picture

I'm a team person. My successes and failures within the team are also ours. I'm open to share my knowledge and skills with the people around me. I'm supportive, assisting and I'm also ready to lead, does the situation require it. Most of all, I'm friendly and I actively promote a positive working environment.

I'm a problem solver. I like learning about new things, therefore I view a problem usually as a challenge to solve it. I'm determined to find a solution that meets the requirements Overcoming obstacles others gave up on gives me confidence that I can do better. Knowing my contribution helped to save someone else's time or money reinforces that confidence.

I'm an allrounder. I decided to bring this forward because I have very broad and specialized skills across different disciplines that have proven to be of use in my previous jobs. I have also received this feedback by my colleagues and that it's appearently worth mentioning. My résumé says "aerospace engineer", but that does not tell the full story. I have great experience in mechanical engineering, website and PC application development, video and media creation and 3D printing methods. That sums up my biggest ones, but I keep learning new skills every week!


  • 2014: acquired Fachoberschulreife / technical college entrance qualification
  • 2014-2020: B.Eng. Astronautical Engineering at FH Aachen / UAS Aachen
  • 2020-2023: M.Sc. Aerospace Engineering at FH Aachen / UAS Aachen

Practical Experience

ManiaExchange (2015 - Now)

I am Owner and Lead Developer of ManiaExchange, a community content database for the arcade racing game Trackmania. I joined the team back in 2015 to support small-scale projects. During my time there I learned to code in C#, JS, SQL and also developed various websites to extend the ecosystem that makes ManiaExchange the network it is today. Pushing the site forward is an objective that is still being pursued until today, as a hobby side-project of mine. As of April 2022, I have registered ManiaExchange as a small business.

VIPER (2016 - 2019)

I was part of the student project VIPER REXUS, in which the goal was to build a scientific experiment inside a section of a sounding rocket, which will be launched from ESRANGE Space Center in Sweden. The sounding rocket enables the experiment to achieve over two minutes of microgravity. Aboard VIPER inside REXUS 23, a water-ice sublimation experiment was carried out to simulate melting probe conditions, which would possibly occur in an environment similar to those at the saturnian icemoon Enceladus. The experiment was successfully launched and carried out in February 2019. My activities there revolved around being part of the mechanical team, where I performed tasks of a mechanical engineer and PR/Outreach, where I created a corporate design and various other print/digital media to promote our team.

Fraunhofer ILT (2018 - Now)

I have been part of developing a SLM / PBF-LB/M machine to additively manufacture parts with sizes over 1000x800x300 mm³ using metallic powders and high-energy lasers. During my time at the ILT I've learned and extended skillsets essential to those of a mechanical engineer. Becoming an expert in the field of SLM/LPBF & FDM process management, I am now able to perform additive manufacturing using relevant machinery. Additionally, as being a part of a scientific work environment and during my time writing my bachelor's thesis at the institute, I learned about various scientific practices that enabled me to carry out and analyse experiments with precise results.

DMG MORI Additive GmbH (2023 - Now)

My first full-time job as a research engineer in data processing and process technology.


Spoken fluently

I can interact and work with people without any limitations.

  • German ("Hochdeutsch", native)
  • English

Developer portfolio

A collection of all tools I've used extensively to develop software and websites.

Frameworks & Distros

  • .NET Core 3-5 and .NET 6 (+ WPF & Forms)
  • Vue.js


  • SQL Server 2008+
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL

Coded "fluently"

I have a sufficient understanding of these coding languages that allow me to write basic and understand advanced code without external support.

  • HTML / CSS
  • C#
  • Python
  • SQL
  • JS

Basic knowledge

I can understand and create basic code written in this language, but I require a computer with search engine access.

  • MatLAB
  • VB.NET
  • Command line (Bash, Powershell, Cmd)

Software Knowledge


  • Arduino IDE
  • Visual Studio 2017+
  • VSCode


  • CATIA V5: Part, Assembly, Generative Shape Design
  • Siemens NX
  • Autodesk Inventor

Additive Manufacturing

  • Materialise Magics
  • Ultimaker Cura

Media editing

  • Vegas Pro
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Davinci Resolve