Who am I?

My name is Dennis Keller. I'm currently 22 years old, living and studying in Aachen, NRW, Germany. My hometown is Bad Oeynhausen.

You might be here, because you want to see what I'm doing. Welcome. This is my portfolio. You can find everything publicly available I've done here. A blog helps to see what I'm up to lately. For quick impressions, you're welcome to visit the gallery or my youtube channel, which hopefully entertains you for a very long time!

This page is currently under construction. The gallery is far from done and the rest aswell, but we're slowly getting there.


I am currently pursuing my Bachelors Degree in Aeronautical Engineering at the FH Aachen (UAS). I'm currently in my 8th semester. I'm looking forward to a job somewhere in the spaceflight industry.

Video Editing

It's mostly a hobby. Most of my released content so far has been game videos (Mainly in the game Trackmania so far), but I've been doing some videos using cameras, too. I like to keep a simple, elegant, but also subtle style.

Media Creation

For multiple projects, interests and events, I've been designer and producer of different products. Skills in photography, print, webdesign and quick general media production have been acquired during my previous sidejobs and personal projects.


An example for complete corporate design. Simple style using a modified wordpress theme for the webpage. Documents, merchandise and advertisements follow a predefined set of rules to represent the brand accordingly.


This is my first aerospace project I've been part of (and currently still am). My work there includes structural engineering and corporate design. Our project flew with 3D printed parts - besides others - manufactured by my own printer.

MX Adventcalendar

Me and a friend organized a charitable christmas gaming event back in 2015, including many self-organized events, prizes and - of course - a nice atmosphere among participants. I've been leading the development of the site design and co-hosted the project. For many things, we delegated tasks to specific people in the community.


I've been a part of the mod team since 2016 and lead developer of ManiaExchange since 2018, supporting further development of the site itself and, most notably, reviving the Youtube Channel, featuring contests, events and even some videos by the community.

TM-Tube Archive

With the help of TGYoshi from the ManiaExchange dev team, I have lead and built up a video archive out of the tm-tube site, which had its data off the internet since 2015. Former admin x2x provided us with the media and database and we used Visual Studio (C# + HTML) to create an intuitive static video browser.